SIBA|GITA welcomes the announced funding for spatial infrastructure in the Federal Budget Learn more here: SIBA|GITA welcomes the announced funding for spatial infrastructure in the Federal Budget  

Construction industry experts warn that increasing public scrutiny of construction projects demands a higher level of stakeholder engagement. Accurate and unassailable project data is needed to support those conversations. “Traditionally, construction was about hard dollar bidding and it was generally lowest price wins,” according to Brett Birch of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure. “We’re finding now that […]

Queens Wharf by night

Now nine months into the project at Queens Wharf, the installation of monitoring instruments and equipment continues. Last week our senior Project Manager Ben Moritz and our Data Systems Manager, Shane Frischkorn continued with the installing of Monitoring Control Prisms and crack meters for Queens Wharf by Night. With a great supporting team, Ben and […]

Queens Wharf Monitoring has commenced with Monitum’s implementation of monitoring equipment across vital infrastructure and heritage buildings affected by construction during the next five years. The equipment includes a range of automated crack meters, tilt meters, vibration sensors and automated total stations to measure displacement. Readings are sent wirelessly to our online platform t4d where […]

Automated Monitoring at Buranda Train Station has begun with additional monitoring located at the nearby Busway and excavation site. Monitum on behalf of the principal contractor is operating automated monitoring to a number of different sites i.e. Department of Transport and Main Roads (Translink) Busway, Queensland Rail and excavation works to nearby site at Buranda […]

Monitoring for the Future is a vital service that Monitum provide to the area of construction and civil infrastructure. Risk management of infrastructure has become an essential part of new and redeveloped construction projects – automated monitoring the future. Our newly appointed team member, Shane Frischkorn, commenced in mid-May and he has grasped his role […]