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Monitoring for the Future is a vital service that Monitum provide to the area of construction and civil infrastructure. Risk management of infrastructure has become an essential part of new and redeveloped construction projects – automated monitoring the future.

Our newly appointed team member, Shane Frischkorn, commenced in mid-May and he has grasped his role and responsibilities quickly in the area of monitoring for Monitum. “I found combining my IT skills with my understanding of geotechnical behaviour is an interesting and unique challenge!” said Shane Frischkorn.

Shane is working closely with Lee Hellen in order to manage and drive the monitoring service stream of Monitum. Currently, Shane is overseeing a number of vital monitoring projects and working closely with stakeholders to ensure that each project is running smoothly and being monitored for sudden movements.

Shane is an intricate part of the Monitum team where he is required to strategically review the details and logistics of a number of upcoming monitoring installations for Monitum.