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Monitoring Southpoint continues, now 18 months along in construction and the importance of monitoring the heritage listed Collins Place.  The monitoring of the major arterial rail and road infrastructure located underneath and next to Southpoint still remain paramount.

Monitum were engaged by South Bank Train Station, monitoring the rail and providing sensitive and accurate data via the 4D Monitoring system with continuous measurements of movement and/or crack monitoring potentially affected by nearby construction and civil works.

Monitoring one of Brisbane’s busiest rail lines with the 4D monitoring solution enhanced both a safety and logistical perspective. Monitum’s automated monitoring system incorporated a combination of sophisticated instruments, multidirectional prisms linked to an onsite server which remotely acquired essential data for the Monitum team to monitor.

During a 55-week period Monitum set-up a track level and capping beam monitoring solution with live reporting and alarming in the event of track displacement that may exceed CETS track design standards.