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Queens Wharf Monitoring has commenced with Monitum’s implementation of monitoring equipment across vital infrastructure and heritage buildings affected by construction during the next five years. The equipment includes a range of automated crack meters, tilt meters, vibration sensors and automated total stations to measure displacement. Readings are sent wirelessly to our online platform t4d where the results can be seen 24/7 by the stakeholders of the project.

This vital monitoring implementation meant that our senior Registered Surveyor Ben Moritz worked tirelessly with our Geotechnical Monitoring Analyst and Project Manager, Shane Frischkorn to complete installation of all monitoring sensors and equipment before commencement of construction.

In April, channel 7 news covered the initial stages of the Queens Wharf Monitoring project, with a brief interview of Ben explaining how the sensors operate to identify any movement in the heritage buildings surrounding the construction site.

To hear Ben, please click onto this link