Queensland State Velodrome

Queensland State Velodrome

Constructed for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, the Queensland State Velodrome was a $59m project. Built to international standards, the Velodromes design provides an indoor environment with no internal columns to obstruct views for the spectators.

Due to the size and complexity of this project, both Monitum and Land Solution Australia provided services to the client. Land Solution Australia provided surveying services, including construction surveys, while Monitum provided monitoring for the stadium.


How we did it

Since construction, Monitum has been responsible for ongoing monitoring of parts of the stadium to ensure the heath of the structure and efficiently maintain this state public infrastructure. These services include terrestrial laser scanning and automated tilt and environmental IoT monitoring to parts of the structure.



The automated monitoring undertaken, enabled the client to monitor the health of the structure over time. While also ensuring maintenance, of this state public infrastructure. As well as a proactive problem-solving approach to many of the construction and design challenges the client faced.



Queensland Spatial Excellence Award: Technical Excellence

Our automated monitoring work on the Queensland State Velodrome won us an industry award in the Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards.



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